I am ten years old. We are Colwood Rangers. We are ploughing up hill first half.
Andy Gough: left winger, leaping squirrel – watch him go. Oh! He’s run out of pitch -
Again. Why does Craggis play him on the left? He is right footed.

I am fifty years old, remembering that first game. I scored two goals. I was
Good and got better. I lived for the flow of those hours; weekends when we played.
Then, innocence passed. And I saw how the game is: its surveillance biotech capitalism.

I support Stafford Rangers, Wolves and England, but above any one team I love the game of football itself.

I love football because of its infinite variety. This simple game can be interpreted in so many different ways locally, nationally and internationally - on and off the pitch. At the very highest level football is a great model for demonstrating human cooperation on a global playing field. However you define progress, you can't deny that the top football teams are there because they have access to the very best resource pools from Europe and elsewhere around the world. This is a lesson for advocates of Brexit, don't you think?

That said, I hate football at times, too, because it drives inequality. Fans are increasingly exploited by algorithms helping to pay players hundreds of thousands of pounds per week. Global business brands and parasites falls over themselves to get airtime to the growing millions of economic units trapped inside this game. How to play..? That is the question...

I don't have the answers, but I do have the desire to hold people to account for what they say and do. Do you?

Let's play!

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