• April Fool - and the winner is...

    My boss's boss. Check this recent conversation for a topical take on the inclusion and diversity debate:

    Me: 'I clocked that photo on your desk - I didn't know you were a football fan.'

    Him: 'Yes sir! I've been supporting the Manchester Reds since way back.'

    Me: 'Hmm'... It seems like an interesting time for both clubs in the city' [raised eyebrows]..

    Him: 'Indeedy. Who do you support?'

    Me: 'Wolves'.

    Him: 'Ahh - they're having a tough time this year, aren't they?' he said, wearing a stupid grin. He then said, ''I'm a bit surprised because I think they have some good coloured players'.

    Me: 'Er...'

    'Coloured players......? COLOURED?? WTF...???

    How can someone in a relatively senior position think like that? At that level I would have expected more intelligence and cultural awareness. I wonder if he employs his 1970s style language in senior leadership meetings (that's a board game I would like to see)? I'm also wondering what he might shout in between bites of his prawn sandwich at the match - assuming he ever goes (I think he lives down south, somehere)..?

    Once we have more proportionate ethnic representation at the management and board level in football and business we can really begin to believe in better. Until then, what price anyone for a football stadium sponsorship deal bearing the name Rosa Parks....?


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