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    Did you hear Sepp Blatter’s recent idea about giving medics 3 minutes on the pitch to attend to players who might have suffered concussion? Blatter and FIFA are playing a blinder here on two counts.

    First, this is clearly a move to deflect our focus away from the real news on the table, which is the buried FIFA [corruption] report in to the bid process for WC2018 and WC 2022. Do you remember that day (2nd December 2010) when Qatar popped out of that envelope? Whilst the FA wasted £20M+ of money on the WC2018 bid - money that could have gone in to grass roots football across the country - Vladimir Putin didn't even bother to show up on the day whilst our humiliated Prime Minister, Prince William and the ever-magisterial David Beckham stared at their shoes in shock (2 votes!). That Putin did not even bother to attend speaks volumes.

    Blatter isn’t even sweating about the alleged corruption surrounding this bid process because he has re-written the FIFA rulebook so that he is untouchable in a court of law. Read how he's done it for yourself in Andrew Jennings's amazing book, if you like:

    Omerta: Sepp Blatter's Organised Crime Family, published by Transparency Books,

    April 2014; Chapter 18 - Blatter Re-writes His Ethics Code - Now he can never be caught!'

    Blatter rewriting the rule book means he is currently covering up his blood on the tracks and 'watch' this new presidential pitch: he already has his Champagne iced. Blatter’s 5th term ‘piece de resistance’ is to bury the evidence of all his illegal activity before he is buried himself.

    A second way in which Blatter and FIFA are playing a blinder is if this 3 minute break gets written in to the rule book it will herald in-game TV breaks. This will bring even greater TV revenue via extended advertising. Blatter and his ExCo underlings will be able to trouser even more cash. God help us!

    I love football more than most people, but I’m not a fan of football under this structure. FIFA is corrupting football and those associated with the game from top to bottom. If you work in the football industry then your silence is collusion - SHAME ON YOU!. We need more people to speak up for the 99%. We need to work out a way to put a serious challenge in that will have an impact on Blatter; on the FIFA ExCo; on UEFA; on the Premier League; on the FA; on the PFA: on all of these football fantasists including these agents that are ruining the bond that fans used to have with their teams' players. I keep hearing that most agents are fine it's just the odd few 'bad 'uns', but how can this be when their main objective must be to look to move their players on so they can take another cut, mustn't it? It seems to me that most unsettle players so they can agitate for a move and take a percentage rather than try and look after them - it disgusts me!

    I can’t spend £1 more of my money propping up these football fantasists. Why should any of us have to put up with this any longer? If all these football stakeholders are in it so deep they can't consider any other way of playing then we’ll have to start our own game.

    I am asking you to send a message to everyone from the top of FIFA right down through the game to all the platters of prawn sandwich suits everywhere. They’re all getting fat off our acceptance of this scandalous football governance. Even all the media including the written press are getting theirs so no wonder they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.

    Time was when Luis Suarez was a pariah (piranha?), but we now need to show the same fight as the street kid from Salto. One way we can all fight back together is by playing a new game. Are you ready to play?

    In October 2013, the world of football entered a new phase.

    In October 2014, 1853 FC presents:


    (Coming to a pitch near you soon).


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