• It’s hard to see who else it could be...

    I think it should be an Englishman.., It’s hard to see who else it could be... (Gary Lineker, talkSPORT, Sports Bar Interview, Thurs 2nd Oct, 2014).

    I agree with Gary on this point - it is hard to see who else [apart from Hodgson] it could be (see previous - Hobson’s choice). That said, it’s not hard to see how much it should be is it, Gary (or Roy, for that matter)?

    There must be thousands of fans around the country who would fancy themselves as coaches able to qualify this England team for France 2016. Sure, England have won their trickiest qualifying game already (away to Switzerland) and Hodgson deserves a good degree of credit for that. Generally speaking, however, international football is now like Champions League football in that the bigger teams are almost guaranteed to qualify for the next phase (Man City take note).

    In this new EUROs format it’s hard to see how a team like England can not qualify (i.e. two teams through plus a 3rd placed sweetener, too, just in case....). It might be that because Hodgson and England knew that the Switzerland game was not a qualifier decider they relaxed and managed a better than expected result. That the match was away from Wembley is instructive.

    The bigger issue about Hodgson and the FA for me is the main issue in football: money. Why should Hodgson get paid his £3M salary month on month right through to France 2016? The contract is in place so nothing will change, but I think that for this Euro qualifying period Hodgson should get, say, 20% of that. He should be able to get by on £50,000 a month shouldn’t he? Most of his salary should be put in to a bonus pot and paid according to performance at France 2016. If Hodgson was paid only £50k per month that would provide the FA with a bonus pot of £4.8M to play with at France 2016.

    If England qualified for the quarter finals Hdgson could earn an £800,000 bonus (not bad work if you can get it, eh, Roy?).

    If Hodgson then qualified for the semi final he could get a mouth watering £1M.

    If England won that semi, guess what? Here, Roy - catch another £1M!

    If England fulfilled our wildest dreams and won the Euro 2016 final I would personally wheelbarrow Roy the £2M more to a destination of his choice (I would think that Italy is no longer a favourite holiday option for him).

    If we perform well at a major tournament finals Roy Hodgson would have earned his money. Currently, he doesn't - his wage structure and contract is preposterous.

    And for those of you thinking that Hodgson is poorly paid compared to the top England ‘stars’ don’t even get me started on that one. The players get paid a nominal fee for international matches - why shouldn’t the coach get the same until actually having to earn the money at a tournament finals?

    Personally, I think that the FA should now pay clubs all of the players’ wages whilst they are away on England duty, but that is a debate for another day.


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