• It’s the Sun wot won it

    And The Winner is….

    The Sun - I am delighted to announce that the Sun deserves this award for showing the least amount of agility, balance and coordination in its reporting of Roy Hodgson as the new England football manager.

    Is it just me or does the link between News International and football bother you as well? Here is an organisation whose parent company, News Corporation, cleans out a good proportion of the disposable income of many, many football fans hooked on Sky Sports subscriptions. News International’s contempt of British people in general (the mind boggling body of evidence that keeps coming forward from the phone hacking scandal) and season upon season of sleazy football coverage (Achtung/ Who can tell me the circulation figures for Merseyside?) is staggering.

    I sometimes wonder how fans on Merseyside can be comfortable spending the TV build up to Super Sunday suggesting that the Sun is not welcome there still and yet can’t wait to watch Slam! Dunk! Soccer! when their team is next on; or, for that matter, any half decent match of quality or significance. For instance, how many down the East Lancs Road watched through their fingers on Megatron Monday this week, for example – come on ‘fess up, will you…?

    The catalogue of indecency rolling off the press about News International must make the wider organisation of News Corporation uncomfortable about where this story might go next. Similarly, I bet those in charge of the Premier League are experiencing their own squeaky bum time as they contemplate what it might mean for them, too, in respect of their next TV contract.

    Friends, the time to stand up and not sit down has come. All we need is a strategy for a good game. Unfortunately, I don’t have one I prepared earlier.

    Er, can you check back later…?



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