• Open letter to the FA

    Dear FA,

    Ref: Football governance and accountability

    Sepp Blatter stands on the precipice of a fifth term unopposed; the Premier League continues to play their own game, which is in direct conflict with the FA and aims of any England representative side; the English weather makes youth football skill acquisition and technical development difficult; many kids – not least mine – seem to prefer 90mins on a tablet or laptop than out in the park in the way my mates and I used to do: in other words - your opportunity has never been greater.

    Instead of struggling on, why not initiate a boycott of and any future involvement in the FIFA World Cup competitions? Until Sepp Blatter stands down and there is transformational reform of FIFA as the world governing body of the world’s favourite game why even bother to struggle against all obstacles in front of you? FIFA is beyond any suspicion of widespread corruption and Blatter can’t be allowed to go on. To do nothing is to be complicit in this quagmire. One need only look at current events regarding Yorkshire to see how this complicity taints things even if you try to look the other way.

    Of course, I understand the politics is complex, but I know also that because of the FA’s gross strategic errors this fantastic opportunity to stand up against FIFA is compromised, too. For example, if we were honest with ourselves we all know that the money pit that is Wembley is a stadium that the majority of football fans around the country do not want. Then there’s St George’s Park: a baffling geographical proposition that @Eng players don’t want - it makes no sense to me on a number of levels. Has anyone ever explained this project in a plausible manner because I have never seen it?

    Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way, but how long can we be expected to wait? What really gets me is when the FA Senior Leadership team come out with the statement that England will win the World Cup (or a major competition) in the 2020s. It reminds me of Roger Draper’s input at the LTA. If the FA does not want to grow its own reputation as the flawed, fatal organisation that is the LTA in respect of performance then I urge you to make a stand against FIFA or rise to my challenge.

    My challenge to you is this: (1) either signal that the FA will stand against FIFA in a full and frank

    exchange of views leading to an open challenge of the current governance model nationally and

    internationally or (2) accept my offer of a bet against the 2013 statements that England will win a

    major competition in the 2020s. I bet the FA that England will not win the World Cup by 2028.

    What do you say?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully

    Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run

    There’s still time to change the path you’re on.

    And it makes me wonder.

    (Plant, 1971)

    [Football - what is the point, anymore..?]

    Disgusted of Saltaire


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