• Roll up, Roll up.....

    Roll up, roll up…

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls…..

    Come and see the amazing Harry Houdini (aka Harry Redknapp) perform his miracle and escape from the England Manager’s job. Many say it can’t be done. But, friends, you forget that Harry has proved himself to be very good at this. Don’t underestimate him and don’t forget that the incentive to achieve this goal makes the outcome uncertain.

    You see… if he doesn’t manage it then he faces the greatest challenge in the history of mankind (well…, almost – for those who worry about these things, some of whom who also concede that there are more important issues in society, too). For those like me who love football and do worry about these things, though, answer this: how is any England manager now or in the future supposed to succeed when the policy of football governance in this country – if there is any - is to have the top teams filled with players who can’t play for the national team?

    Also, what kind of media is it that continually seeks to undermine everyone involved in the national team for their own selfish gratification? Instead of point scoring and back slapping in the press room, why not redirect your focus onto the unconditional ‘investment’ of foreign owners who have no stake or interest in the national team? Broadsheeters & red toppers – shame on you! Stop writing about inconsequential stuff and get to the heart of the matter (btw - you get the captain you deserve & Captain Oates is warming up now…). You need to take a moment and consider that the public might be turning against you. You, too, have had a nice career out of the growth of the football business in the last 20 years, but now some of you are seemingly incapable of doing the right thing.

    We need to remember that football is just a simple, fun game. There are really only 2 things you really need to know about playing football:

    1. To play, try to beat your opponent and score a goal

    2. To win, concede fewer goals than you score

    When trying to beat an opponent it helps if you have a few tricks. And for my next trick…. I am going to kick off with #3 and #5 from my manifesto. I know that calling it a manifesto is daft (the detail is not written yet). You might think that my online editing skills are rubbish and the content is more Northern Premier League than Premier League.

    I know the ideas I do have are a bit muddled, but I can’t wait any longer. I’ve not had any spare money to go to games in recent years, I’ve got a young family who take up all my spare time. I’ve got a wife who dislikes all sport and hates foootball. I have been afraid to start something that I am unable to commit time to, but I can’t wait any longer – God Damn it!

    I can easily imagine that this game might not play out as I might hope. Maybe I’m not clever enough to pull this off. Maybe I am…. Maybe you could help…? I do believe the timing for starting this game is good. We have space to play. Do you want to – that is the question? On our own it is difficult to imagine how we might effect change, but together – we can do it!

    Are you ready..? Let's play!

    Yours in football



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