• What I’m really thinking - THE MARGINALISED FOOTBALL FAN

    Is football in crisis? Manchester City fans have earned the goodwill of many football fans down the decades so I was pleased that this season, at least, some of the sky’s sparkle settled in the east (of Manchester). As well as the Premiership title, however, you now have that other title off Chelsea, too. May you, MCFC, live in interesting times. You should look forward to it, but remember to bring along your existing fans and friends as you step in to tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Premier League continues to create space to syndicate images like Scud missiles; fighting its football crusade in far away places to grow this brand, this new religion. Consequently, clubs chasing the MCFC wage bill leave me and many others standing in the water margin.

    Is society in crisis? It doesn’t feel like we are in this together. I have no disposable income to attend live matches and I am unwilling to believe in better in this new Soccernomics. Football is the perfect place to see through the politician’s business pitch, too. Compare average income ratios to those of average Premier League footballers. This is the business boardroom game on show. Compare Sir David Richards, who acts like some character off the Fast Show, bringing disgrace to English football and yet nothing ever happens. When is someone going to do something about things like this? Nothing ever happens - it’s awful.

    Or is it just me in crisis? I can’t afford to do the thing I love most (family excepted). After selling up and downsizing to brace against whatever this decade of austerity holds, I am not sure what to believe in any more. Nothing to be done..?


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